10 Trailing Houseplants for Low Light

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trailing houseplants for low light

A home without plants looks gloomy no matter how much you decorate; the shady corners are incomplete without nature’s touch, and for creating that elegant look, you need some trailing houseplants for low light. Their cascading foliage creates a mesmerising look that anyone can fall for. Trailing houseplants are a perfect choice if your room is lacking space for tables and planters. So, for plant enthusiasts, there are many trailing houseplants for low light that will do fine if you don’t get indirect sunlight in your home.

Now, creating your own gorgeous indoor jungle is easy with a motley collection of trailing plants with different colours, styles, and variegated leaves. All these plants are low maintenance, so you can sit back and enjoy the stunning foliage created by these trailing indoor plants.

One thing I must tell you guys is that even low-light plants have their limits so they can’t thrive in dark rooms. You can keep them in partial or full shade; it differs from plant to plant. Enjoy this journey through the most beautiful trailing indoor plants, which will transform your indoor space and make them lively and relaxing.

Styling Tips With These Trailing Houseplants for Low Light

  • Cascading houseplants will look great on bookshelves or any other higher surfaces so that these leafy pals can create downward foliage.
  • You can use that exposed wooden ceiling beam in your favour for hanging planters.
  • Designer-ready-made hangers are always a good option. All you have to do is to fit hooks below a shelf and hang the planter and put in some lovely trailing plants to get the vibe.
  • You can also wall-mount the wooden containers as a planter and plant string of pearls or philodendron and allow them to fall over the corners to get that cascading look.
  • Indoor plants like Ivy can be trained to climb up your walls with the help of some sticky hooks. All they need is bright indirect sunlight to quickly cover up the wall.
  • If you go with plants like Ivy, you have to be careful of your pets because most indoor trailing houseplants are not safe for your four-legged friends.

Best Trailing Houseplants For Low Light UK

String Of Pearls

trailing houseplants for low light
String Of Pearls – trailing indoor plants

It’s a gorgeous succulent with trailing abilities which has small succulent beads of dark green hue. String of pearls is a fantastic houseplant perfect for hanging baskets or can be placed on a shelf that will create a stunning cascading foliage. It blooms white flowers with a cinnamon aroma but it’s rare. 

String of pearls are also known as string of beads & chain of pearls, so don’t be confused while purchasing the plant. All they need for thriving is well-drained soil and a place where they can get bright indirect light. This plant must be your first choice if you are looking for trailing houseplants for low light.


trailing houseplants for low light
Wandering Jew – trailing houseplants for low light uk

Tradescantia, also known as spiderwort or Wandering Jew, is among the easy-to-grow trailing houseplants for low light. It creates vibrant and colourful foliage with its silver-green leaves. The most common and popular variety of this plant is Tradescantia Zebrina (Zebra Plant). You can easily double or triple your plant collection because they are so easy to propagate from cuttings. 

Just cut off their stem, put it in a glass or bottle filled with water and wait till roots start to appear. After that, they are ready to be planted in containers or hanging baskets.

Satin Pothos

trailing houseplants for low light
Satin Pothos – trailing houseplants

It’s a popular evergreen tropical vine that has vibrant variegated heart-shaped silver-grey mixed leaves, which create an amazing visual appearance. For enjoying its foliage at its best, you have to provide them with some kind of support like a moss pole or a wall. You can also plant them in hanging baskets for a cascading look. Before decorating your room with these beauties, I must tell you that Satin Pothos is toxic to your four-legged friends.

Hoya Linearis

trailing houseplants for low light

Hoya linearis is an absolutely amazing trailing houseplant that offers you a showering foliage. It also blooms a waxy flower. These plants are perfect for creating your personal rainforest with the help of hanging baskets. It’s a low-maintenance plant that loves a humid environment and it’s a plant that fits into your priority list of best trailing houseplants for low light. Water them only if the top surface of the soil feels dry after touching.

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Ceropegia Woodii

 trailing houseplants for low light

Ceropegia Woodii, popularly known as String Of Hearts, is an absolutely stunning houseplant and belongs to the succulent family. Its sweet-looking heart-shaped marble-patterned leaves create a grey-green foliage and are considered as trailing houseplants for low light. These plants will create an eye-catching cascading look from high shelves or window sills. In the UK, this trailing vine is very popular as a houseplant.


trailing houseplants for low light

Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, is a tropical vine and is considered as a hardy houseplant for the people who want to bring plants into their room but have a limited supply of natural light. You have to buy this plant. It will create magic in your gloomy room. 

It is a perfect trailing plant that will adapt to the environment easily that it is kept in. As a hanging plant, they can transform any space with their heart-shaped shiny leaves. All they need for thriving is a well-draining potting mix and with timely pruning, they get more bushy.

Monstera Adansonii

trailing houseplants for low light

Monstera Adansonii, also known as Swiss cheese plant or monkey mask plant, is a fantastic option for adding a tropical touch to any space and is one of the perfect trailing houseplants for low light. This plant is known for its heart-shaped leaves, and as the leaves grow, it develops Swiss cheese-like holes.

 If you want large leaves, support this plant with a moss stick and place them where they can get indirect sunlight. Water them once a week, but also check the soil; if it feels dry after touching, then your plant needs water.

Lipstick Plant

trailing houseplants for low light

It’s a stunning indoor flowering plant that creates magical foliage with its shiny leaves and glorious tubular flowers. Lipstick plants are tropical houseplants best for decorating any space you want. All they need is indirect light and well-drained potting mix to thrive. These plants showcase heavy bloom in summer and fall. They can easily adapt to any indoor environment, and its cascading vines can grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet. The bloom of this plant comes in two shades: orange & red, and you can easily propagate these plants with stem cuttings.

Heartleaf Philodendron

trailing houseplants for low light

Philodendron Brasil, also known as heartleaf philodendron, is a well-known trailing houseplant that displays its gorgeous and variegated lime-green leaves. This perennial vine can grow 4-6 ft. tall and thrives well in indirect light and requires well-draining soil, monthly fertilisation to grow at its full potential. If you have pets and kids at your home, then you have to be more attentive because philodendrons are toxic to them. You can easily double your plant collection because they can be easily propagated from stem cuttings.

English Ivy

trailing houseplants for low light

It’s an evergreen perennial also known as woody vine and is considered invasive in many areas because of its belligerent growth. It’s a hardy plant that can be grown indoors without any hustle and is perfect for giving your room a tropical touch. They also have air purification properties; it is among the 10 air-purifying plants suggested by NASA. So, if you are searching for low maintenance and beneficial trailing houseplants for low light, then you must give it a try.

Here, a bonus plant suggestion for you guys. It’s not among the trailing houseplants for low light that I have mentioned above, but the unique beauty that this plant spreads is just outstanding.

String Of Dolphins

trailing houseplants for low light

String of dolphins is a hybrid version of string of pearls, and the leaves of this plant resemble jumping dolphins. String of dolphins creates an interesting foliage and is a trailing succulent that belongs to the Asteraceae family. These plants are great for hanging baskets and can grow 6 inches tall at its best. It is commonly grown as a houseplant and can be placed near a window so that it can get an adequate amount of indirect sunlight.

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Finally, I want to add some words that If your indoor space is lacking sufficient sunlight then trailing houseplants for low light are the best solution for adding nature’s touch and greenery.

From the vibrant lipstick plant to the flexible English Ivy in this article we have different options to suit every taste and ornamental preference. 

These plants not only beautify your room but also with their air purification abilities creates a soothing environment making the place more happening. Whether you are a professional plant enthusiast or a newbie who is just starting its indoor garden journey indoor trailing plants bring joy and peacefulness to your home. So, give your living space a nature’s touch with these delightful trailing houseplants for low light.

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