365 Days Flowering Plants In India

365 Days Flowering Plants In India | All Season Flowering Plants 

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365 Days Flowering Plants In India

Hey, My gardening enthusiast, In India we give so much importance to our trees and plants that we worship some of them .They have benefited us in almost every way while giving our home and society a heavenly touch with their vibrant and gorgeous flowers. From Vibrant cherry blossom blooms spreading their charm in Himalayan states to Neelakurinji flower in Kerala which blooms once in 12 years covering the hill ranges of Munnar with its purple/blue foliage.

India is filled with these blooming beauties but today we are going to show you some beautiful all season flowering plants that bloom throughout the year.

The Botanical Survey Of India has found 46,000 species of plants. If we see the ranking of plant diversity, India is on the 10th position worldwide and 4th in Asia. So, Please make yourself comfortable. You are going to dive into the mesmerizing floral world and explore 365 days flowering plants in India of all colors, fragrant and non fragrant once , and look into their thriving needs and care that will help you in growing these amazing flowering plants in your backyard , lawn or terrace garden.

Here in this article we are going to present to you the most demanded and hardy plants that are also known as 12 months flower plants. Once planted with a little care and maintenance these floral beauties will create a dazzling landscape for your adobe and make it lively with its vibrant blooms. Let’s create a paradise of your own with the help of these plants. They will thrive and bloom throughout the year.

365 Days Flowering Plants In India | All Season Flowering Plants 

Show plants are nice but who doesn’t want flowers in their garden for a tension free gardening experience you need flowering plants that bloom all year, And we will guide you in selecting the perfect 365 days flowering plants also known as all season flowering plants or 12 month flower plants for your all year thriving and blooming garden.

Desert Rose – Adenium

365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Adenium Image by hartono subagio from Pixabay

Adenium is an awesome succulent plant that looks like an alien species because of its thick trunk , it is also known as desert rose because of its mesmerizing floral display that mimics rose like bloom. Desert Rose is perfect for transforming any outdoor landscapes and container garden. They are also used as bonsai plants , just like other succulents they require good sunlight and careful watering. This all season flower plant bloom comes in different vibrant shades like Pink , Red , Rose , White , Yellow , Orange , Purple and Bi-color . If you have small children and pets at your home, one thing you must know is that the sap of this beautiful desert rose is toxic to people and pets.


365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Ixora|all season flower plant in India | Image by Ceazy Hemanth from Pixabay

It’s an evergreen shrub that blooms four petaled clusters of flowers in the shade of orange , pink , yellow and red and after blooming its flowers last for 4 to 6 weeks , they are pretty hardy and will thrive well with minimal care. They are considered as an all season flowering plant in India and require full sunlight to thrive.

Types of Ixora 

  • Maui – Blooms Orange flowers.
  • Angela Busman – Gives rose colored flowers.
  • Nora Grant – Produces Pinkish blooms.
  • Herrera’s White – Produces White color floral foliage.

Rangoon Creeper – Madhumalti

365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Madhumalti Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Rangoon creeper is known for its gorgeous color changing fragrant flowers and in India it is commonly known as Madhumalti . If you are setting up a pollinator garden and want to attract flying beauties ( butterflies ) then this is a must have plant for your garden. They get attracted by its sweet fragrant blooms.These types of plant do well in tropical & subtropical regions like India , Thailand & Philippines.Madhumalti is an all season flower plant that blooms five petals with three color options.

  1. Fresh bloom appears white then changes color to pink 
  2. Red 
  3. Deep Maroon

Hibiscus Plant

365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Hibiscus | 12 month flowering plants in India |Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

The amazing fact about this plant is it has over 200 species. It’s a tropical plant that thrives well in partial shades or in full sunlight. Tropical varieties are perfect for warm climates and are considered as all season flowering plants in india. Hibiscus flower’s have many color options like pink , orange , yellow , white and red. The big blooms of these plants are butterflies’ magnet and they require little care to thrive in containers and love bright sunlight.

The flower and leaves of this plant are also used for medicinal purposes; it is believed that it has antiseptic , blood pressure lowering and blood sugar – lowering properties. Hibiscus flower also contains amino acids that benefit the blood circulation in the scalps resulting in hair growth.


365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Bougainvillea| 365 days flowering plants in India | Image by hartono subagio from Pixabay

Bougainvillea is a pretty much versatile plant which starts to spread its gorgeous foliage of colorful flowers in spring , that makes it a perfect 365 Days Flowering Plants In India but give it a plenty of room for spreading and growing its vine because some of it’s kind can reach to a height of 40 feet.It’s an low maintenance plant with a wide range of color options like Pink , Purple , White , Yellow , Orange and Red. 

It’s a tropical plant that grows well in hot and warm climates. If we look at its blooming season it starts blooming in fall and reblooms then spreads its blue -green foliage in spring and continues blooming till summer that makes it a best 12 months flower plant. It is also used for making Bonsai.


365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Marigold | 365 Days Flowering Plants In India | Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

Marigold flowers are very auspicious flowers that bloom all year. We use them in festivals as offerings to the gods and decorating purposes. You can easily grow them in your backyard or in containers for your terrace garden. Also, it’s an amazing companion plant making it one the best all season flowering plants in India. Its bright and vibrant orange flower can transform any garden or landscape.

Types of Marigold Flowers

  • African Marigold – Blooms pom pom like Yellow-Orange flowers.
  • French Marigold – Available in colors like Orange , Red , Russet and Yellow.
  • Signet Marigold -Blooms Vibrant & small cherry like flowers.
  • Mexican Mint Marigold – Flowers have medicinal benefits.
  • Lemon Gem Marigold – Its Flowers have a lemon-like aroma.
  • Tagetes Lemmonii – Bloom bright yellow daisies like flowers.

It’s a hardy plant that can regrow with its petals without any care. It passes the check list of best 12 month flowering plants.


365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Portulaca | 365 days flowering plants in India | Image by マサコ アーント from Pixabay

Portulaca also known as moss rose or 10 O’clock is an gorgeous carpet plant that creates an heavenly foliage of its needle like leaves and papery rose like flowers which comes in the shades of Pink , White , Red , Violet , Orange , Salmon and Yellow. They are gorgeous 12 month flower plants for enhancing your border look or for showcasing container gardens. Moss roses are very low maintenance. All they need to thrive is full sun , well drained soil and regular watering.


365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Periwinkle | 365 days Flowering Plants In India | Image by Warida Nilthirach from Pixabay

Periwinkle also known as Sadabahar or Vinca is among the all season flowering plants in India. Its glossy leaves and star-like flowers can turn any dull place and shady areas of your garden lively. Sadabahar comes in a variety of colors like Blue , Purple , White but the most common color you will find in India is Pink. It’s an easy to grow and low maintenance plant also used as traditional medicine for treating hypertension.


365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Plumeria | 365 Days Flowering Plants In India | Image by Wow Phochiangrak from Pixabay

Plumeria, also known as Frangipani and Champa in India , it’s a perfect plant for tropical and subtropical regions and is considered among 12 months flowering plants in India. Just passing by the trees of frangipani will fill you with its sweet aromatic fragrance and the flowers are also used in religious rituals. Blooms of frangipani are available in colors like Red , Pink , Yellow and White and if you want to transform or create a landscape in your garden they will create magic.

Frangipani Plants are also known for their moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

With little care this plant can thrive at its full potential. The plant should be planted or kept where it can get at least 6 – 8 hours of direct sunlight and loves well drained soil and before watering let the soil dry out and sit.


365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Jasmine | 365 days flowering plants in India |Image by Ralph from Pixabay

Yes the fragrance queen is known for its aromatic blooms , Jasmine plants have different plant types that have Trees, the genus jasminum contains over 200 Vines and Shrubs.This flower is mostly found in tropical & subtropical regions and is considered among all season flowers in India. 

Jasmine plants are mostly grown outdoors but some varieties can be grown as houseplants because they can thrive in indirect sunlight. Not only you love the intense fragrance of jasmine, small guests in your garden also love them. It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds into your garden.Most common color for jasmine blooms is white.

Jasmine flowers are used for making perfumes and adding flavor in desserts and beverages. Also, they can give relief from abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Peace Lily

365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Peace Lily | all season flowering plants | Image by Nika Akin from Pixabay

It’s a very admired and easy to care tropical flowering houseplant with large and shiny leaves that bloom flowers twice a year. The most popular color of its bloom is White and it also comes in Pink and White – Yellow. After blooming the flowers peace lily can last over a month. Peace lily will be a superb choice for enhancing the look of your office or home and is considered as an all season flower plant in India. All this plant needs is a moderate moist soil and indirect sunlight to thrive.

Jersey Lily ( Amaryllis Lily )

365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Amaryllis Lily | 365 days flowering plants in India | Image by Chesna from Pixabay

Amaryllis lilies are planted as a bulb and bloom trumpet like flowers. They are great for transforming and filling your garden with bright and vibrant colors whether you are a beginner or experts. The flowers of this lily can grow from 4 – 10 inches in size and are available in different colors like Pink , Salmon , Red & White , Orange , Burgundy and Purple & Green.

With little care they can survive both in your indoor or outdoor garden they are also known for their air purification qualities.While selecting your favorite bulb of Amaryllis Lily try to pick up the largest bulb available because they will produce more flowers. Try to use a fertilizer rich in phosphorus that will promote blooming.


365 Days Flowering Plants In India
 Image by |all season flowering plants in India| hartono subagio from PixabayLantana

Lantana is a fast growing shrub that produces tiny clusters of mixed vibrant flowers of orange , yellow , white , red , pink , blue and purple colors and is among the best all season flowering plants .Before planting in the ground you must know that they can spread super fast. They are considered as invasive in many areas.

So , I will suggest that you grow them in containers or pots and keep them in bright sunlight.They will definitely make your container garden setup more lively.Their leaves have rough texture and can cause skin irritation and make you itch , But they are also used in making herbal medicines to treat fever, cough stomach ache , influenza and malaria.

All the plants that I have mentioned above are the best flowers that bloom all year in India, spreading the eye-catching foliage and keeping your garden rich and lively. But our journey through these beauties is not over for our lovely readers. I am sharing one more charming plant that is known as 365 days flowering plants in India and I saw it in my house when I was a kid.


365 Days Flowering Plants In India
Kalanchoe | 365 days flowering plants in India | Image by Tinix from Pixabay

A must have plant if you are looking for an all rounder plant at your home , after blooming this plant creates a vivid foliage of vibrant flowers that comes in the shades of Red , Orange , Yellow and Pink.Kalanchoe belongs to succulent family and is among all season flowering plants easy to care & easily adaptable.

It also improves air quality and leaves are used in traditional medicine because of its anti – microbial and anti – inflammatory properties 

Conclusion – All Season Flowering Plants

While seeing the magical 365 days flowering plants in India we have seen some gorgeous bloomers , some with heavenly aroma & different shapes and sizes.All these plant will keep your garden green and full of floweret in every season so that you can enjoy and feel the mother nature presence at your home & gardens throughout the year.

I have not only given you the beautiful list of 12 month flowering plants in India but also provided the information and benefits these plants carry with themself , we have heard that a tree’s life is dedicated to others. That’s totally true, they make your home aesthetically amazing along with giving different types of health benefits.So , what do you think? Grab all these plants from your nearest nursery and start your garden journey today and be a super plant parent. Loved this article ? If yes then do follow this website ( Fresh Start Home Gardening ) and our social media accounts . Happy Gardening 

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