10 Stunning Indoor Flowering Plants In India 

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Indoor Flowering Plants In India

As a plant parent we want plants at every corner for our home , I don’t know why but they fill me with another level of satisfaction that I can’t express in words either your are an gardening enthusiast or just a beginner who are thinking to start it always wanted indoor flowering plants at their home or office but somewhere in your mind you are thinking that it’s hard to grow them indoors or don’t know which plant to buy to fulfill your wish , After all we don’t want that our efforts goes in vain and beautiful plants have to suffer it.

Just relax and sit tight and make yourself comfortable. After reading this article you’re going to make your home and surroundings amusing with gorgeous Indoor Flowering Plants In India.

Houseplants not only transform the look of any space but also have many hidden benefits like air purification abilities, they enhance your attention span and improve your mental health. Working around these beauties will give you another level of satisfaction.Here I am going to mention the best indoor flowering plants in India.

In this changing world peoples lifestyle is also changing stress is a part of our life and to deal with it and do our work efficiently Indoors flowering plants will definitely do wonders and its proven by a research , Like who does not want to be surrounded by beautiful flowers at home or at workplace studies found that plants increases productivity and creativity and you can work 12 % faster than before.If you’re still confused don’t worry there are plenty of indoor flowering plants in India suitable for our tropical climate that can thrive both in low lighting conditions and indirect sunlight.

4 Reason For Planting Indoor Flowering Plants In India 

We choose plants according to the tropical climate so that they get the right environment to thrive at their full potential. There are many varieties of flora suitable for Indian vegetation that we grow in our garden but when we talk about house plants the most suitable place for them is near a window or balcony. Before starting our journey let’s see why you should plant indoor flowering plants in India ?

  • Filtering Pollutants – As you know that in most cities we are facing a poor air quality index problem, studies have proven that indoor flowering plants can remove harmful toxins like formaldehyde , benzene and carbon monoxide from nearby environments.
  • Stress Buster – Back days people only were stressed when they were facing any threat , it’s a natural human response but now stress is a part of our life. Indoor flowering plants help in reducing stress making the surrounding blissful.
  • Better Sleep –  Insomnia is now a major problem faced by working people. They are struggling to get a quality sleep , indoor plants can help you in getting soothing and calming sleep.
  • Relaxation – It’s science backed and proven study that carrying a houseplant garden as a hobby makes you feel relaxed.

10 Stunning Indoor Flowering Plants In India

Lipstick Plant

Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – The Spruce | indoor flowering plants |

Lipstick plant also known as lipstick vine or basket vine gets its name from its vivid red tube shaped flowers and is a popular houseplants perfect for displaying in hanging baskets. This easy to care plant blooms gorgeous little flowers in spring , summer & fall and is one of the lovely looking indoor flowering plants in India.

It’s an evergreen perennial that needs well drained soil and indirect sunlight to thrive indoors.Don’t let the soil completely dry out water it when the upper layer of soil feels dry after touching.

Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – Pixabay | indoor flowering plants |

Orchids are seen as premium indoor flowering plants in India there are 25,000 – 30,000 different orchid species but don’t worry I am here for shorting out the list Lady’s slipper orchids are considered perfect for growing indoors and giving astonishing and sophisticated display to any space. This orchid thrives well in low light and needs water occasionally or sometimes twice a week and these plants are sensitive to fertilizers.

It is available in five color options.

  • Pink 
  • Yellow 
  • Greater Yellow 
  • Pink-White 
  • White 

African Violets

Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – Pixabay | indoor flowering plants |

African violets are from the Streptocarpus genus that blooms bright vibrant violet colored flowers in clusters. These are compact houseplants that don’t require much space and thrive well in bright indirect light. You can also place them under fluorescent bulbs.

They grow well in artificial lightning, you don’t have to be a gardening expert to care for African violets and are one of the best indoor plants with flowers. This plant comes with different color options like purple , blue and white , they love to be planted in well drained soil and like slightly moist soil but overwater them.


Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – Pixabay | indoor plants with flowers |

Anthurium is also known as a laceleaf plant or flamingo flower because of its bright red bloom with waxy leaves. People living in tropical climates also grow them outdoors but these plants are vulnerable to sunburns so they are popularly grown as houseplants and are considered as one of the gorgeous looking indoor flowering plants in India that can transform the look of any space.

Some of the anthurium are climbers and all they need is high humidity ,snugness and bright indirect sunlight to thrive . These plants bloom stunning vibrant flowers in the shade of Red , White & Pink and are considered as all season flowering plants in india.

Pink Jasmine

Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – Pixabay |indoor plants with flowers|

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Jasmine is my all time favorite plant because of its sweet aromatic and plethora of blooms its an common plant you may have seen in your locality but do you know there’s a variety called 

Jasminum polyanthum also known as Pink Jasmine is known for growing as a houseplant and is among the best indoor plants with flowers.

It is a really fast growing plant that blooms pink-white flowers in clusters that create heavenly foliage and is easy to care for. Pink jasmine can thrive in bright indirect sunlight and is one of the best indoor flowering plants in India.

Peace Lily 

Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – Pixabay |indoor plants with flowers|

The OG ( original gangster ) among all the houseplant is here Peace lilies. By the way  did you know that these are not true lilies, it’s a tropical plant and this list of best flower plants for home is incomplete without this gorgeous looking plant. Peace lily blooms white & yellow flowers in spring and quite easy to care for as houseplants .

They require bright indirect sunlight to thrive, just plant them in high quality organic matter rich potting mix and they are ready to transform any space with their sophisticated looks. Even though being one of the best indoor flowering plants in India you have to be careful if you have pets at your home because it is toxic to them.

Wax Begonia

Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – Pixabay |home flower plants|

Wax begonia is a perennial plant with waxy leaves which blooms clusters of tiny flowers. Try to buy a matured plant from a nursery because these plants are slow growers. Most of us grow them as outdoor plants but can be easily grown as houseplants.

These plants look so good on a coffee table or your working desk. All they demand is bright indirect sunlight and a well drained soil to thrive. The flowers of wax begonia are available in a variety of shades like Orange , Pink , Red and White.If you are looking for a compact plant these are considered as best indoor flowering plants in India.


Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – Pixabay | best flower plants for home |

Kalanchoe also known as Widow’s thrill are native to madagascar and it has over 100 species.Widow’s thrill belongs to succulent family and have oval shaped dark green leaves it blooms clusters of  mini vibrant flowers and comes in different color options like White, Salmon , Yellow , Red and Pink.

If you are looking for the drought tolerant indoor flowering plants in India then you have to go for it. These plants are easy to care for and thrive really well in indirect sunlight. For more beautiful flowers, fertilize them once/month in spring and summer.


Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – Pixabay | best flower plants for home |

Gloxinia is a gorgeous plant which blooms large bell shaped flowers and has deep green leaves. 

Nowadays you will see hybrid gloxinias in nurseries which are modified to produce large blooms and after blooming its flower lasts for 2 months but after completing its cycle the plant eventually dies and didnt grow back. It is an easy to care plant that thrives in indirect light. The perfect time to plant gloxinia is in winter. Gloxinia comes in different shades like Purple , White , Red and Pink. It’s among the best low light indoor flowering plants in India.


Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – Pixabay |indoor flowering plants |

Geraniums also known as Crane’s-bill is an attractive container and low maintenance plant. You can grow these perennial outdoors or as a houseplant. Geraniums are used as focal flowers to give any space a charming look. Blooms are of different shapes , sizes and colors like Red , Orange , Purple and White. For blooming indoors they only require sufficient indirect sunlight.

There are different types of geraniums that can be planted as indoor flowering plants in India.

  • Zonal Geraniums – It blooms large long lasting flowers.
  • Ivy Geraniums – This is a trailing variety of geranium which has ivy like leaves and blooms tiny deep purple flowers in clusters.
  • Regal Geraniums – This variety comes with patterned showy blooms that you can’t see in other types.

All the above shared indoor flowering plants In India are my all favorites and will transform your home into a plant paradise but that’s not the end of this beautiful journey of indoor plants with flowers. Here’s a Bonus Plant that I am sharing with my lovely people which I can’t resist sharing.

Christmas Cactus 

Indoor Flowering Plants In India
Pic Credit – Pixabay |indoor plants with flowers |

If you are a gardening enthusiast then your winter is incomplete without this plant. It’s a superb houseplant for the winter season. This plant blooms gorgeous pink color flowers all they need to thrive is filtered sunlight and well draining soil. The perfect time to plant Christmas cactus is in fall.

It’s a beautiful succulent which blooms in different shades of Red , Peach , White and Purple. The list of best indoor flowering plants in India end’s here with this astonishing houseplant.

Quick Look At Best Indoor Flowering Plants in India 

PlantSizePlant TypeBlooming Time
Lipstick Plant3 ft. LongEvergreen PerennialSpring , Summer & Fall
Lady’s Slipper Orchid0.7-3 ft. LongPerennial MonocotMid-summer & Mid-Winter
African Violets6-9 in. TallPerennialSpring , Summer , Fall & Winter
Anthurium12-18 in. TallHerbaceous , PerennialSpring , Summer , Fall & Winter
Pink Jasmine20 ft. TallVine , PerennialWinter
Peace Lily1-4 ft. TallPerennialSpring
Wax Begonia6-12 in. TallHerbaceous , PerennialSpring & Winter

6-18 in. TallPerennial , SucculentSeasonal Bloomer
Gloxinia6-12 in. TallHerbaceous , PerennialSpring , Summer
Geraniums4-48 in. TallPerennialSpring , Summer , Autumn , Winter
Christmas Cactus 6-12 in. TallSucculent , Cactus , PerennialFall , Winter

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We do many things to make our home peaceful and a soothing place where we can sit and relax , from purchasing expensive furniture and decorating items but yet you feel like something is missing and you are not getting that lively vibe from your room. Yup you are missing out nature’s touch and floral vibes in your room and I know which indoor flowering plants are suitable for our Indian climate so I have mentioned all the pretty plants in this article. These indoor flowering plants are best for transforming any space or can be used for gifting purposes.

From north to south and east to west we have a diverse range of climate and accordingly many suitable indoor flowering plants in India. So,  what are you thinking? Bring home these beauties and enjoy the floral blooms. Also share this article with your loved ones and for more articles join Fresh Start Home Gardening. Happy Gardening 

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