When to prune fruit trees? Experts reveal the best timings

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Understanding Fruit Tree Pruning

Different fruit tree varieties have unique pruning needs.

Pruning promotes fruiting and removes damage

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Seasonal Pruning: Summer vs. Winter

Most prune in winter, some in summer

Timing depends on the type of fruit tree and its growth stage.

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Pruning Based on Fruit Type

Trees with stones (peaches, cherries, plums) are pruned in spring or summer to avoid diseases.

Trees with pips (pears, quince, apples) are typically pruned in winter.

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Pruning by Variety: Apples

Apples are pruned every winter to promote new shoots and fruiting wood.

Train apples with mid-summer pruning.

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Pruning by Variety: Apricots & Cherries

Apricots can be pruned in spring after bud burst, then routinely in summer.

Cherries are pruned in summer (established) or lightly in spring (young) for shape.

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Pruning by Variety: Citrus & Figs

Citrus trees are pruned in late winter to early spring.

Shape and encourage fig fruiting with spring pruning.

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Mulberries & Nectarines

Mulberries pruned like apples; established trees need little pruning.

Nectarines pruned annually in late spring to summer for fungal spore prevention.

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Pruning by Variety: Peaches, Pears

Peaches treated like nectarines; prune to avoid fungal spread.

Pears can be pruned like apples.

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