Fall Tree Care – 8 Expert Tips For Preparing Backyard Trees For Winter

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Mulch Matters

Put mulch around trees to keep water in and protect the roots from the cold weather.

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Pest and Disease Check

Look for signs of diseases and pests on trees so you can take care of problems quickly.

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Watch for Fungi

If you see fungi near trees, check for major problems.

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Structure Check

Look at the shape of the tree after the leaves fall off and think about cutting off any dead branches.

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Winter Protection

Protect trees from cold and bugs by wrapping the trunks of young or thin-barked trees.

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Ideal Planting Season

Since trees release hormones that make roots grow, autumn is the best time to put them.

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Remove Stakes

If the tree you put last year hasn't grown roots, talk to an arborist about it.

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Fertilize for Strength

Give trees food in late summer or early fall to help them stay strong through the winter.

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