Effortless Gardening: Embracing the No-Dig Method

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Soil not only gives nutrients to the plant but also is home to millions of organisms.

They help in maintaining the soil's health.Digging disrupts the soil and kills the little helpers.

A fungal supernetwork named myceilum helps plants to grow and communicate.

When we dig the soil  myceilum also gets destroyed.

Place an unglazed cardboard sheet on the weeds, cover with four inches of compost, and plant the seeds or seedlings.

how to start

To gain an advantage in weed suppression, you can cover the majority of the allotment with thick black tarpaulins.

By laying a sizable recycled cardboard piece over the bare soil and adding a four-inch layer of store-bought compost, I initiated the planting process.

For growing potatoes instead of digging you can place potatoes directly on the soil surface and then pile them up with compost.

You can leave vegetable roots in the ground post-harvest to enhance soil organic matter accumulation.

You feed the soil from above and leave the rest to the worms.

Removing yellowing lower leaves of cabbage or lettuce to discourage slug attraction.