Keeping your roses healthy with these pruning and fertilizing tips

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Roses are one of the most favorite flowering plants of the gardeners producing vibrant color blooms.

Few rose tips are to be kept in mind for continuous rose blooms .

Slow releasing fertilizers can be added in spring to keep the flowers blooming until fall.

Deadheading and pruning of roses is necessary for new shoots and branching which would contain flowers.

Keep ants away by taking an old silk stocking and slathering petroleum jelly or  using tanglefoot.

Soak the soil a night before removing the weeds. It makes the weed come out easily without disturbing the plant.

Use of epsom salt in roses keeps it green and bushy.

Use high quality organic fungicide once a month as the roses are prone to fungal attacks.

Keep the soil acidic through the use of home made tea- coffee compost.