What Is Modern Landscape Design ?

How To Create A Trendy Look 

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Modern Landscape Trend

Minimalism in landscaping gaining popularity.

Focus on neutral colors and technology integration.

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Elements of Modern Design

Angular lines, negative space, and contrasts.

Incorporating outdoor tech like heaters and controls.

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Neutral Tones and Materials

Black, white, and brown color scheme.

Porcelain used for stone-like hardscaping.

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Less Plants, Bigger Impact

Emphasis on hardscaping, fewer plant types.

Manicured trees and negative space for architecture.

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Repetition of Colors and Textures

Consistent patterns and colors.

Single color highlights across seasons.

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Geometric Shapes

Geometric, linear appearance.

Uniformity with shaped hedges and shrubs.

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Tips for Modern Landscaping

Combine simplicity and intrigue.

Clean, charming, intentional design.

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Impactful Minimalism

Maximize with fewer elements.

Weighted decisions for captivating, distraction-free space.

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