10 Modern Garden Ideas - Climate Positive Inspiration  

Green Curved Line

Soil health is important to consider when making decisions about land use.

Jason ingram

Consider the natural features of your property

Farlam & chandler

Create a sense of order with plants, not hardscaping.

tory mcternan

Consider alternative landscaping options to traditional lawns.

helen fickling

Plant trees and shrubs to create a green corridor.

Annaick Guitteny

Choose plants that support a variety of life.

Mark Bolton

Instead of traveling for your next vacation, consider spending some time in your own backyard.

Kate Anne Designs

Create a space in your home where you can relax and de-stress.

Omni Home Ideas

Add a whimsical or decorative structure to your garden.

Blott Kerr-Wilson

Incorporate organic shapes and forms into your sculpture.

Jacqui Hurst