8 best fruit tree for small gardens 

Green Curved Line

Grown both container and in ground is an ideal crop to be grown under full sun.

Bonanza peach tree


This can offer structural design in a small space which offers medium sized fruits as well.

Fignomenal Fig


The highly aromatic flowers and fruit that thrive in full sun which needs maintenance during frost season.

 Meyer Lemon tree


It has a breathtaking spring blossom that gives purple to deep red fruits in summer.

Carmine Jewel Dwarf Cherry Tree


This tree is known for its silver white aromatic flowers in spring that can be grown in full sun.

Dwarf European Olive Tree


growing at a height of 2-3 ft, gives red color fruits during summer ideal for container gardening.

Dwarf Pomegranate Tree


This grows to a height of 8 ft which lets you enjoy fragrant flowers and tangy fruits.

Calamondin Orange Tree


growing this variety can get you lots of delicious fruits when it's trained using a fence or a wall.

Espalier grafted apple tree


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