How to compost according to garden experts.

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Make like nature,Pile up the organic matter and let time pass,don't be in hurry.

Stick to some common sense guidelines instead of setting some rules for it.

Any kind of organic waste decomposes in time when basic checks are done.

Mr. Oshins, a longtime backyard composter, says the pile of organic matter should never be too moist or too dry.

Not so wet that water came down from your hand after squeezing it but you can feel the moisture.

Don't add too many greens; your compost will become slimy and messy.

Consciously make a balance between browns and greens.

Charles Dowding author of No dig says Work for layers instead of piling on too much of any one element.

Don't make bigger piles; the wet pile can become anaerobic.

And the microorganism that do much of the decomposing work doesn't get enough Air due to moisture.

Mixing up the compost is also important so the tumbleweed compost is a good option.

Adding Red wiggler worms also helps.They do a great job at stirring things up.

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