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8 Secret's To Stunning Baby Rubber Plants

Light Balance

Peperomia needs light to grow, so stay away from signs that say "low light."

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Best Light Spots

The best places for light are near windows that get sun for two to three hours in the morning or afternoon.

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Variegated Vigilance

Types with yellow stripes need more light to keep their yellow stripes.

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Avoid Darkness

Stay away from dark places. If you don't, your plants may not grow well and your leaves may get smaller.

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Watering Method

Water well and let 1/4 of the dirt dry out before you water again.

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Drought Tolerant

Baby rubber plants can handle dryness; just let the soil dry out and water them when they need it.

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Fertilize Wisely

For good growth, choose fertilizers without urea, like Dyna-Gro Grow.

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Smart Potting

Choose the right pot size and mix, and repot a little bigger for healthy growth.

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