10 Tips For Growing Painted-Leaf Begonias

Every Gardener Have To Know

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Size and Growth

Rex Begonias grow to be between 10 and 26 inches tall, and their leaves are oval or heart-shaped and come in pink, white, red, and other colors.

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Foliage Focus

Their beautiful leaves, not their flowers, are the main attraction in shade gardens.

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Flowers and Leaves

There are small pink flowers, but the leaves are more important.

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Light and Temp

In zones 10 and 11, they can be outside all year. In cooler places, it's best to stay inside in the fall and use bright, indirect light.

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High Humidity

Rex Begonias like high humidity; keep it above 50% and mist as needed.

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Keep the soil wet in the summer, but water less in the winter to avoid problems with the roots.

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Use watered fertilizer once a month when plants are actively growing, but not in the winter.

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Soil and Repotting

Use soil that drains well and repot in shallow pots early in the year to help the plant grow.

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For healthy growth, take off dead leaves and cut off the heads of flowers.

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Foliage First

The plant's real beauty lies in its leaves, not its flowers.

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