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Winter Flowering Shrubs To Plant In Fall - 10 Choices


Forsythia plant is a fast growing shrub that blooms very pleasant yellow flowers that can be seen in late winter. It's an easy to care plant.

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Loropetalum shrubs also known as Chinese fringe flower , it blooms pink color  spiky flowers best for warmer regions like california.

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Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a must to plant in winter with its sweet scent and its flowers blooming in bright red color it makes an pleasing environment.

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It's an evergreen shrub best for hedging purposes that blooms little white flowers from fall to winter.

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Winter Jasmine

winter jasmine is an easy to care shrub which blooms vibrant yellow flowers in winters.

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Flowering Quince

Flowering quinces are beautiful shrubs that bloom mesmerizing red flowers in winters.

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Mahonia's flowers have a similar scent like lily of valley flowers,where bright and yellow flowers bloom in clusters.

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With its dark shiny leaves and mesmerizing pink flowers it can give a soothing look to your winter garden.

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If you have a small yard and you want to add a winter blooming shrub daphne is a perfect choice for you it will fill your yard with its fragrant cluster of flowers.

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Sweet Box

sweet box blooms white color flowers and it's an evergreen shrub that blooms in late winter.

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