Potato planting mistakes to avoid that will destroy your yield

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The most common way of potato propagation is through chitting.

Chitting means to sit the seed potatoes in a sunny, indoor spot till shoots appear.

Skipping this step means potatoes will take more time and yield will be less.

One of the ways if you forget chitting is to grow “maincrop” potatoes later in the season.

Another problem can arise because of planting the potatoes in the same soil with less space.

Growing potatoes in the same soil can increase the chances of pests and diseases.

One of the most common issues is potato blight,  a fungus that can destroy your whole potato crop.

If you spot black spots in leaves, remove and dispose of the entire foliage.

Watering the plants in the morning can reduce the risk of potato blight.

Crop rotation can minimize the chance of reappearing and spacing the plants to stop spread.

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