How to plant a balcony garden -Advice from experts

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Limitation of space is one of the drawbacks of the balcony garden.

Understand about the wind and sun exposure of your balcony before starting off.

Make sure to have a ready water supply to water your plants as the exposed balcony gets high sun exposure.

Choose plants according to the sun exposure to your balcony.

It's important to check how much weight a space can carry and plan accordingly.

Joining the indoor and balcony make the balcony space feel slightly more generous and lively.

Planting vertically is a key way to maximize space.

Create different ‘zones’ on a balcony. This could mean different areas for eating, reading or relaxing.

Make sure to add flowering plants to attract pollinators in your garden.

One can also create an edible kitchen garden in a balcony with a bit more management.