Hydroponic Gardening - To Successfully Grow Veg Indoor

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Hydroponic is a brilliant way to get home grown food indoors without soil.

Major benefits of hydroponics is we control the environment leading to higher yields with fewer pests.

Beginners can start with a tabletop hydroponic garden or using trays and jars.

One can create a mini system by placing 1-2 inches of cold tap water into a jar with mint basil and parsley.

Instead of water one can also use materials like leca balls, perlite, vermiculite, coco coir, or growing sponges as medium.

Plants need a range of water soluble nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium for their growth.

Kratky method works best with leafy greens, which enjoy a fast-growing rate i.e  herbs, lettuce & spinach.

Although sunlight is ideal, artificial growing lights with  14 hrs of light and 10-12 hrs of darkness can be utilized too.

Every week add nutrients and water to your garden, along with harvesting any plants that are ready.

Every month, prune the spent stems and clear dead leaves.

Every six months clean the reservoir as the nutrient build up can happen.