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6 Garden Trends That Will Be Hot In 2024

Everyone wants their garden to have that cozy and welcoming vibes to it.

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You can incorporate these ideas to give your garden a stunning and trendy look.

Photo Credit :- Pinterest

You can get this look by planting

Climbing rose , Agapanthus & Cape Cod Hydrangea.

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For drought tolerant planting you can choose

Safari Rose Aloe Vera and Black Hens and Chicks Succulent.

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For Aromatic Plants

Mock Orange , Dianthus & Arabian Jasmine.

Valentyna Tymchenko//Getty Images

For Supporting Biodiversity you can plant

Blueberry,Coneflower & Blue Rosemary.

AnjoKanFotografie//Getty Images

To Redesign Your Front Yard

Planting Abelia , Blue holly & Pink Hydrangea are best options.

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For creating this luxurious look you need

Purple Heuchera , Japanese Maple False Cypress.

Jacky Parker Photography//Getty Images