Garden ideas – 10 beautiful designs you'll love for your yard

Green Curved Line

Small gardens really need to be given an illusion to look bigger, one way can be to use mirrors.

You needn't have a large space to grow fruit, vegetables or herbs by the use of containers.

Neat raised beds and layer planting, from tall to mid-height to low makes your flower beds pack a punch.

If your garden gets little natural light, you'll need to look specifically for north-facing gardens or grow shade loving plants.

Plan a vertical garden to fill and grow in a small space.

Water is a wonderful element to incorporate into outdoor spaces. The sight and sound can be incredibly soothing.

Define a stone or a gravel pathway that travels from front to the end of the garden.

Color is the new eye catcher for garden ideas. It's often the norm in classic gardens to paint outdoor details in harmonious colors.

Use of statues can both harmonize with their immediate surroundings in tone, texture and form.

Make your garden bee and pollinator friendly.